From the time I was just a small town girl growing up in central Illinois, "playing house" was always my go to activity! I came by it honestly. Home for me was my happy place - a place filled with love - and music - a place of true comfort beautifully decorated by my Mom on a shoe string budget. I learned from this incredible woman exactly what it meant to be resourceful and how to easily find beauty in the simplest of ways.  

Our home was always the place to be - especially on Sundays - buzzing with people ... just the way I liked it best!!! I left my happy home at 17 for the big city ... time for college to continue my professional singing & musical theatre career. Fast forward ... many moves later found me honing a craft I didn't even knew I had at that time ... renovating and building homes across the country - from a classic colonial to the stereotypical FL home with a pool to a CA beach home ... to a traditional brick new but made to look old beauty, a cape cod cutie and now our vintage 1920's happy place.  I was loving the challenge of each distinct style - especially bringing them up to today's look while always maintaining the integrity of that particular home.  This challenge took on a new look with my very first client and from that point forward ... I was hooked!!! The rest is history!  

A few years into this newfound love that has now become my passion - my Mom was diagnosed & sadly passed away. She was my rock and the reason why - despite trials and tribulations - I always had such a happy home.  It became patently clear then that getting back to family was key. It was time to leave the Chicago burbs & head back to my home ... the place where I learned what unconditional love is all about - a place where our family and friends could celebrate together around the fire, laugh together on the back deck and share a tearful but beautiful Thanksgiving together remembering those we miss.

I'm so happy to once again call central Illinois home sweet home! Now every morning when I'm greeted by our little furry friends at the bottom of the stairs - I look around and think of all that brought us here, where we are today and how good it is to be HOME! To just be. Together. I've loved making all of our houses a home - a place that instantly welcomes and comforts you the minute you walk in the door - just like it was at Mom's.

I am thankful for all those amazing families that I've had the pleasure to work with over the years & am hopeful to have the chance to help make your house your happy place too! 

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fun facts about kristy


I. I love the juxtaposition of things in design - mixing a little rustic with classic chic, adding some transitional touches into a timeless setting, throwing a beautiful vintage piece into a more modern setting ... and the list goes on!

II. I am admittedly slightly obsessed with the warm grey, white dove, blue grey combination. 

III. I am a hopeless romantic and love ALL things Hallmark & Lifetime ... I mean let's be honest - feel goods just feel good ... right?

IV. I can find a reason in every season to use my fireplace! If you don't believe me ... just ask my husband!

V. I definitely love a little bit of WOW factor in each room! Be audacious! If done right - it will draw your eye to it but only because it's beautifully complemented by all of the items around it!